1000 Pharmacies unveils new brand identity

1000 Pharmacies, the startup in the LIFTT portfolio launched in September 2020 by Nicolò Petrone, together with his two co-founders Mohamed Younes and Alberto Marchetti, was created to offer a simpler online pharmacy experience that could be used by millions of people.

The mission of 1000 Pharmacies is to fill the three major current gaps in the online drug market:

  1. People couldn’t find all the products they needed in a single online Pharmacy. Traditional Pharmacies, in fact, have a limited amount of stock and customers tend to buy from different websites to cover all their needs.
  2. User experience of most established players was stuck at over 10years ago.
  3. Delivery time was too long!

1000 Pharmacies therefore was born, structured and proposed itself as a problem-solver, developing an innovative business proposal based on the development of an online platform capable of bringing together hundreds of pharmacies in one place.Thus, over the past 7 months, a major rebranding project aimed at strengthening the market positioning as “modern e-pharmacy” has been initiated.

It currently has 150 partners throughout Italy and offers more than 100,000 products, an assortment almost triple that of any other online pharmacy.

To differentiate its value proposition, 1000 Pharmacies has worked across the board, creating a concept of modern e-pharmacy closer to the customers to whom it offers itself as a digital one-stop-shop for their health needs.

And in developing this concept, of course, there has also been a focus on an indispensable differentiator in online: image.

Thus, over the past 7 months, a major rebranding project aimed at strengthening the market positioning as “modern e-pharmacy” has been initiated.

The images we present show the new rebranding of the company aimed at conveying the fresh personality of this start-up, which is preparing to further establish its brand throughout Europe.

And it does so starting with the payoff, the message that flanks the brand and complements it until it becomes one: the pharmacy of the future.

A payoff that coincides with the founders’ vision and seals a great deal of research work, which has involved the complete restyling of the website and has identified a font, a dominant color and a graphic design for the catchy and immediate packaging, capable of instinctively conveying the sense of accessibility, simplicity and reliability that are at the basis of the company’s project.

To seal it all, the identification, as a differentiating element and multiplier at the same time of ad hoc claims, of the number 1000, an integral part of the brand itself.

A usual element in common language (“1,000 times better,” “1,000 times easier”) that has been enhanced as a natural multiplier of the concepts and messages the company wants to convey.