On June 14th our PM Pierluigi Freni attended the event on Quantum Science and Technology (QST) hosted by the NATO STO-CMRE – Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation in OGR Torino. Participants have addressed all aspects related to QST: inter alia positioning, navigation and timing (PNT), sensing, detection, imaging, communication, information processing, algorithm, key distribution, as well as ethical, legal and policy considerations. Quantum science is defined as the field of physics that studies the physical behavior of microscopic particles (roughly) at or below the scale of individual atoms. At these tiny length scales, particles show behavior that differs from our everyday experience. Quantum technology refers to the practical application of quantum physics in useful devices or algorithms. In his presentation Pierluigi highlighted all the applications of Quantum technology, which has been one LIFTT’s focus areas of investment in 2023, from communication to sensing, from computing to cryptography. He also focused on the huge growth in private and public investment in recent years.

 LIFTT is approaching quantum investments by evaluating their technology development risk, their time horizon and rapid evolving innovation scenario. In other words, the evaluation process consists in understanding the technology and the state of the art, qualifying the scientific background, IP and the application scenarios and timelines and eventually the exit scenario.

Today’s LIFTT portfolio includes two projects that directly deal with quantum technology: RandomPower and Sparrow Quantum.