Alessandro Vairelli, CEO of Microchannel Devices (MCD), has completed the path that led his idea to become a reality in a few years, despite the difficulties and slowdowns experienced in the last two years due to the well-known external factors-pandemic first and war later-that are affecting the global economy.

The important milestone announced by Vairelli concerns the completion in the coming weeks of the innovative Factory in Settimo Torinese with the installation and ignition of the “Sinter Hip” furnace.

The largest plant to produce “PCHE cores” on the market today is preparing its beating heart that is the basis of the project and the main production assets and is ready to develop, produce and commercialize Microchannel devices.

Devices that translate into a competitive advantage for this new reality, which enters a de facto monopolistic market in a sector – energy and energy transition – with vast potential: from Oil & Gas up to applications in nuclear and hydrogen.

With the ignition of the furnace, the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) of the Sinter HIP furnace was also carried out and approved-between last September 7 and 9, the last step in the long process that has seen MCD engaged first in the development of Diffusion Bonding technology with HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing) technology, then in the design and implementation of Factory 4.0 in Settimo.

MCD is now able to put into practice a fully integrated process, from the engineering of the micro-scanned devices to “Industry 4.0” production covering a wide range of sizes (up to 3 m) and final certification.

In parallel, the team of young engineers has also been strengthened, and the addition of the new general manager has further strengthened the team’s management capabilities and is ready to implement growth projects and commercial challenges in the markets.

“We knew it was going to be a great plant, but seeing it in front of our eyes, in its huge actual size, the complexity of its connections, and the awareness of its power, really impressed us with the grandeur of the work we have accomplished.” commented Alessandro Vaiarelli.

The CEO’s satisfaction is of course also shared by LIFTT, which believed in and supported MCD as the first “manufacturing – based” project in its portfolio.MCD is now able to put into practice a fully integrated process, from the engineering of the micro-scanned devices to “Industry 4.0”

Meanwhile, the auxiliary plants serving the furnace are being built at the MCD plant in Settimo Torinese:

Once the auxiliary plants are completed (by the end of October), as a last step, the main body of the 40,000 kg furnace will be delivered by exceptional transport, which will be positioned and connected for final testing and the start of the certification and authorization processes.