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1000 Farmacie

Mille Farmacie is a digital platform that brings together more than 70 Italian pharmacies through the integration with their management system, becoming as a matter of fact, an online pharmacy with a wider assortment of products on the market.

The business model of Mille Farmacie is a combination of the advantages of the marketplace and the advantages of the last mile delivery model. The Marketplace model is also combined with the last mile delivery model to enter the prescription drug market.

The e-commerce becomes a Marketplace thanks to the integration with the warehouses of the wholesalers’ pharmacies and this allows Mille Farmacie not to have its own warehouses like the Marketplace and therefore to be more streamlined and scalable, significantly reducing costs related to logistics and warehousing.

The site boasts fast delivery times to customers, a wide marketplace offering and nationwide coverage. The company has been on the market since May 2020 and has already gone from 0 to half a million euros in turnover. To date, it has a base of about 50 thousand customers and has already raised 1.5 million euros that have allowed it to expand its team and operations throughout Italy.

Mille Farmacie, taking into account the cost of purchasing drugs, generates the exit price guaranteeing the pharmacy an acceptable margin. This allows great flexibility on pricing policies in a highly competitive market.


LIFTT Investment

In portfolio: Q4 2021
Venture phase: Start-up

LIFTT Project Manager