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NeoPhore is a company engaged in the development of immuno-oncology therapies targeting DNA mismatch repair components, an approach that has demonstrated validity in both clinical and pre-clinical studies. This strategy aims to influence the creation and diversity of neoantigens, with the goal of improving outcomes for patients who do not benefit from current cancer immunotherapies.

Studies conducted by NeoPhore show that focusing on DNA repair genes MMR (Mismatch Repair) is associated with potent immune responses, especially in certain tumour types with defects in MMR genes. This approach appears to favour the efficacy of immunotherapies, particularly checkpoint inhibitors (CPIs), as demonstrated by the recent approval of the drugs Keytruda and Opdivo for use in MMR-deficient solid tumours.

The scientific research conducted by NeoPhore’s founders, Professor Alberto Bardelli and Professor Giovanni Germano, provides further foundation for the validity of the company’s therapeutic approach. The loss of certain MMR genes in preclinical models has been shown to cause the continuous generation of neoantigens in tumour cells, thus stimulating an immune response against cancer.

NeoPhore is pursuing innovative approaches that build on the established links between MMR function and clinical efficacy in cancer immunotherapies. The strategy is based on the modulation of tumour cell genotype by first-in-class MMR modulators, with the aim of increasing TMB (mutational burden) together with enhanced neoantigen presentation and tumour immunogenicity. This approach aims to awaken the anti-tumour immune response and exploit sensitivity to immune checkpoint blockade.

NeoPhore’s strategy, based on scientific research and understanding of DNA repair mechanisms, seems promising in improving the efficacy of immuno-oncological therapies, opening new perspectives for patients suffering from currently difficult-to-treat forms of cancer.


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