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10129 Torino, Italy
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London, England


newcleo is the clean and safe nuclear technology company.

Privately funded and headquartered in London, UK, newcleo was launched in 2021 to be a disruptor in the field of nuclear energy. Its mission is to generate safe, clean and inexhaustible energy for the world, through a radically innovative combination of existing, accessible technologies.

newcleo is building the next generation system with the goals to:

  1. eliminate the need for geological repositories by using a fast neutron flux avoiding production of long life radioactive elements;
  2. develop an Accelerator Driven System (ADS), based on the intrinsically safe coupling of a particle accelerator and a sub-critical reactor;
  3. accelerate the development of new fuel cycles, including thorium, that provide economic, clean, safe and inexhaustible energy from nuclei and the opportunity to burn the long-lived nuclear waste produced by the old generation of nuclear reactors.


LIFTT Investment

In portfolio: Q3 2021
Venture phase: Seed
LIFTT funding: 4 M€
Round: 2

LIFTT Project Manager
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