Category: Space

Padriciano, 99 bld. E3
c/o Area Science Park
I-34149 Trieste, Italy


PICOSATS, a University of Trieste spin-off company established at AREA Science Park, was founded in 2014 with the goal of making access to space faster and cheaper.

Founded by Professor Anna Gregorio, PICOSATS brings together a formidable group of female aerospace researchers and has a primal vocation for gender balance in STEM disciplines.

Thanks to its deep knowledge of the field, PICOSATS has developed RADIOSAT®, a high-frequency satellite transceiver with extreme performance, in terms of data rate, weight and size, the first in Europe and among the first worldwide.

PICOSATS will use the funds raised from the grant to take RADIOSAT® to on-orbit testing, a key step in then launching the product in European and international markets.


LIFTT Investment

In portfolio: Q3 2023
Venture phase: Start-up
LIFTT funding: 1,5 M€
Round: 2

LIFTT Project Manager