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PrediSurge is a startup based in France, founded in 2017 with the aim of revolutionising cardiovascular care through the application of cutting-edge digital twin technologies. The company is at the leading edge of the development of predictive software solutions that play a crucial role in the treatment of vascular and structural heart disease.

PrediSurge’s mission is clear: to improve the safety and effectiveness of cardiovascular procedures. They provide medical professionals and medtech companies with state-of-the-art technology to optimise interventional strategies and refine the design of medical devices. The result of this commitment is the creation of accurate and personalised digital twins made possible by the company’s flagship software, PlanOpTM.

PlanOpTM uses pre-operative imaging data to create patient-specific numerical models that simulate the biomechanical behaviour of arteries and valves. These digital twins provide physicians with invaluable tools for planning and optimising procedures, allowing them to test specific approaches for each patient in a virtual environment. This reduces the risk of complications, improves the effectiveness of interventions and ultimately benefits patients.

PrediSurge is at the forefront of cardiovascular digital twins and is redefining the practice of cardiovascular care. With their innovative software and dedicated approach, they are opening up new opportunities to improve the quality of life for patients with cardiovascular disease.


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In portfolio Q4 2023
Venture phase: Start-up

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