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Via Caradosso 12,
20123 Milano, Italy


Specto Photonics is a Milan-based deep tech start-up founded by Giuseppe Antonacci with the vision to grow as a global game changer in the biomedical industry.

The company develops and commercialises the next generation of miniaturised spectrometers for Brillouin spectroscopy. The technology behind these devices, covered by a patent, is also the result of research activities carried out at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT).

These devices are able to optically recover fundamental mechanical properties (such as viscosity and stiffness) of organic and inorganic materials without the need for contact. Brillouin spectroscopy has the ability to non-invasively measure mechanical properties at very high optical resolution by spectrally analysing the light signal illuminating the sample. On the other hand, current Brillouin spectrometers that are capable of performing such analysis are composed of electro-optical components that make these devices difficult to use, expensive, and inherently limited by poor performance in terms of speed, resolution, and contrast.

Specto Photonics aims to remove all limiting bulk optical components by developing an integrated on-chip, Brillouin spectrometer. This extreme miniaturisation capability will allow current spectrometers to be transformed into more compact, easy-to-use, compatible, portable, affordable and better performing systems.

The startup, in 2020 was awarded the “Seal of Excellence” certificate, directly from the EU Committee.


LIFTT Investment

In portfolio: Q1 2022
Venture phase: Seed
LIFTT funding: 500k€
Round: 2

LIFTT Project Manager