In February, we announced the entry into LIFTT of Azimut, one of the largest independent asset management operators in Europe, through its subsidiary Azimut Enterprises. The Azimut Group, present in 17 countries, manages total assets of over 81 billion euros and has been active for several years in the alternative investment sector, where it now has assets under management in excess of 4.6 billion euros in private markets products, thanks to a complete range of private equity, private credit, venture capital and real assets funds.

The investment in LIFTT represents a further step for Azimut to support the development of innovative projects and new companies, in seed and early stage, with a high value of industrial innovation. A commitment that is part of the broader project that the Group is pursuing in support of the real economy.

Gabriele Blei, CEO of Azimut Holding and Chairman of Azimut Enterprises, said: “Azimut is an international company whose main focus is also on supporting innovation and businesses in Italy. Over time, we have been able to build an important network of skills, services and products capable of accompanying companies on their path to growth, generating positive repercussions on the territory as well. Technology isn’t just a digital lever for companies. The investment vision of the LIFTT team is anchored on industrial innovation in the broadest sense, starting from its early stages of development. The prospect of supporting projects and teams, including managerial and organizational development, adds value to financial investments, which combines with our various initiatives in the real economy and will allow us to give further support to the many successful and valuable startups and ideas that our country can express”.

In less than 24 months, LIFTT has become one of the most active players in Italy, with about 1500 projects examined and with 24 innovative start-ups and SMEs currently in its portfolio. Its team of analysts presides over the key markets of the economy of the future, spanning all market sectors and with a particular focus on Deep Tech and Technology Transfer.  The 2020/2024 business plan foresees the support of more than 100 companies, with a total investment of 450 million euros. After the closing of this last round of 12 million and the entry into the capital of Azimut, LIFTT announced the opening of a new tranche of 15 million, already largely optioned.

The comment of our President Stefano Buono: “It is with great pleasure that we announce the entry of Azimut in the capital of LIFTT and the closure of our latest round of investment, which has seen, in addition to the support of shareholders who were already an active part of our project, also the entry of important private investors and family offices. This is an important confirmation of the validity of our organizational model of “evergreen investment holding”, which responds to a precise need of the investment market, freeing it from the time constraints and rigid impositions traditionally linked to the traditional schemes of Venture Capital. A different way of doing and supporting innovation, which offers investors an organic and at the same time flexible growth path. We therefore welcome with pleasure the entry into our “virtuous network” of an expert and high-profile group such as Azimut, which represents a reason for legitimate pride and an incentive to continue our growth path. The commitment now is to continue to implement our business plan, strong in the presence of an important traveling companion: this partnership opens a new chapter for LIFTT”.