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ARIA Sensing

Aria Sensing is a Brescia-based start-up that has patented an integrated radar capable of intercepting any human movement or presence, starting with breathing or heartbeat.

The company has been engaged for more than a decade in the development of innovative radio frequency circuits based on the integration between “Human Centric” radar and Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology,[1] which represents the “next connection level” compared to standards such as Bluetooth. Thanks to the team’s constant R&D and proprietary know-how, the use of radar sensors and algorithms offers such accuracy that vital parameters can be detected several meters away, as well as the “comfort setting” within a home or work environment can be controlled and adjusted through simple gestures.

Aria sensing, through its product line already develops, manufactures and markets a series of devices for detecting the movement and presence of people through sensors that, to date, are the best performing and most compact on the market, and its customers include top players in the sensor industry. The application potential of Aria Sensing devices is vast: from biomedical (non-contact monitoring of vital parameters), to Health & Safety (e.g., in monitoring systems for elderly people), consumer electronics (auto-standby & wakeup systems for electronic devices), IOT, Automotive (integrated systems for child anti-sleeping and driver status monitoring) to Home automation.


LIFTT Investment

In portfolio: Q3 2022
Venture phase: Start-up

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