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BetaGlue Technologies SpA is an Italian clinical-stage oncology company developing a novel radiotherapy platform technology for the localised and targeted treatment of unresectable solid tumours called “BAT-90”.

The product consists of proprietary dosimetry software, proprietary radioactive microspheres (that contain beta-radiating yttrium-90) and a biocompatible ‘BioGlue’ that, following injection, rapidly sets to form a hydrogel matrix that retains the microspheres at the site of injection. The microspheres and BioGlue are percutaneously administered under radiological guidance via a mixing system and needle into the tumour.

BAT-90 overcomes the limitations of EBRT, SBRT, PBR and TARE by providing a unique patent-protected internal focal radiotherapeutic treatment option to a wide range of solid tumour cancer patients.

The BAT-90 platform aims to improve cancer treatments with an easy-to-use and cost-effective radiotherapy solution compared to existing techniques and tools. BAT-90 will positively affect healthcare systems by providing a simple solution for users (radiation oncologists and interventional radiologists) and a simple, convenient treatment for patients to receive, offering a form of “radiotherapy in a syringe” able to overcome the several limitations documented for current methodologies.


LIFTT Investment

In portfolio: Q1 2022
Venture phase: Start-up
LIFTT funding: 1M€
Round: 1

LIFTT Project Manager
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