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Corion Biotech is an innovative start-up that is developing the world’s first specific therapy against preeclampsia.

The goal is to develop a treatment against a syndrome that affects over 7 million pregnant women worldwide every year and continues to grow with the increase in the average age and other women’s risk conditions.

Preeclampsia is an incurable pregnancy syndrome that can have serious and important consequences as it can cause damage to the future health of both the mother and the child, as well as currently being the leading cause of maternal-fetal mortality in the world. The potential market of reference is very large: it is estimated that preeclampsia costs the global health service 7 – 8 billion euros, an expense that does not offer decisive treatments, with very heavy economic and social consequences.

The innovative therapeutic approach identified by Corion Biotech is based on the use of a specific placental cell population in able to produce molecules effective against preeclamptic syndrome. The team, made of researchers from the University of Turin led by Tullia Todros and Alessandro Rolfo ,has been dealing with the pregnancy’s physiopathology for decades.


LIFTT Investment

In portfolio: Q3 2020
Venture phase: Seed
LIFTT funding: 635 k€
Round: 3

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