Category: Biotech

Liebigstraße 26
01187 Dresden, Germany


CREDOXYS develops high-performance dopants and transport materials for OLED displays, OLED lighting, organic solar cells and sensors.

Start-up based in Dresden, with an inspired team of chemists, physicists and other professionals with strong expertise in material development and organic semiconductor technology. The goal is to take organic electronics to the next level by providing superior materials specifically designed for individual applications. Starting from our strong portfolio of ideas, we find solutions for our customers that make their products more efficient, long-lasting, and powerful.

CREDOXYS has developed a new patent-protected material class of p-dopants that can be used in any organic electronic application. Thanks to a modular approach, the properties of our p-dopants can be tuned to meet the specific requirements of our customers for their current and future generation of OLED or OPV technology.


LIFTT Investment

In portfolio: Q4 2023
Venture phase: Seed
LIFTT funding: 800k€
Round: 1

LIFTT Project Manager