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Almost 400 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes and obesity.  Until now, this problem has been managed with invasive and risky techniques (so-called ‘metabolic surgery’), but new perspectives are now opening up thanks to the technology developed by Keyron.

The biomedical startup aims at offering an alternative to bariatric surgery, a highly invasive technique often rejected by patients due to the high risk of complications and collateral damage, including death. Keyron’s innovation – fully patented – achieves the benefits of surgery, without the associated risks. In fact, a medical device, inserted by endoscopy, induces the same effects as gastric bypass on diabetes and obesity, but without surgery.

Keyron is offering the “Sleevebaloon”, a device with an innovative design that enables non-invasive bypass at duodenal level, overcoming the small intestine and managing to normalise diabetes and significantly reduce obesity thanks to its enormous metabolic benefits.

The discovery was published in a Lancet Group journal, EBioMedicine, with an impact factor of more than 5. The preclinical study showed that the Sleevebaloon induces a complete normalisation of diabetes and weight reduction equivalent to the effects of bariatric surgery.


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