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From subcontractor supplying components to manufacturer of hi-tech heat exchangers, to break a monopoly and enter, from the front gate, a market worth 200 million euros, opening new business possibilities also in other fields, such as the chemical reactor industry and medical research. This is the path that Alessandro Vaiarelli, owner of the STV Group and CEO of MCD-Microchannel Devices, has decided to take, to stand out in a market with great potential such as the energy industry, which uses very sophisticated heat exchangers: “PCHEs – Printed Circuit Heating Exchangers”.

This is a technology traditionally used in the Oil & Gas industry, in critical contexts such as oil rigs or ships liquifying gas, thanks to their higher density, and better safety and efficiency when compared to traditional heat exchangers. But there are also innovative applications in the nuclear, hydrogen and chemical reactor industries. If hydrogen becomes one of the fuels of the future, every filling station will need this kind of device.


LIFTT Investment

In portfolio: Q4 2019
Venture phase: Early Growth
LIFTT funding: ~ 1,8 M€
Round: 5

LIFTT Project Manager