About Planet Smart City Founded in 2015 by real estate experts Giovanni Savio and Susanna Marchionni and chaired by physicist and entrepreneur Stefano Buono, Planet Smart City is a global leading proptech company that designs and builds neighbourhoods in countries with high housing deficits and works in partnership with real estate developers around the world to improve quality of life. Planet Smart City’s mission is to create communities that respect local cultures and support inclusivity and sustainability. It does this through integrating innovative infrastructural, technological and social innovation solutions into its projects. The research, development and integration of these innovative solutions is undertaken by subsidiary Planet Idea, which operates through multidisciplinary competence centres in Turin (Italy) and Pune (India). Planet Idea has, amongst other projects, created and launched the Planet App, a digital platform of high value-added services that also facilitates communication between residents in Planet Smart City’s neighbourhoods. The Planet Smart City model has been proven in Brazil where four projects are underway: Smart City Laguna, Smart City Natal, Smart City Aquiraz and Viva!Smart. In 2020, the business expanded into India. In Italy, the company collaborates with leading real estate developers in numerous smart social housing projects. Since its establishment, Planet Smart City has raised over 100 million euros of capital from institutional and private investors to implement its ambitious growth plans, with the aim of launching projects amounting to 44,500 housing units by 2025.


LIFTT Investment

In portfolio: Q2 2021
Venture phase: Early Growth

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