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Genève, Switzerland


STALICLA SA is a Swiss clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company leading omics-based precision medicine drug development for patients with neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs), with a first application in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

STALICLA is on a unique mission to identify clinically actionable patient subgroups and develop tailored treatments for those most impaired by their symptoms
Over the last 40+ years of research focused on neurodevelopmental disorders (NDDs); substantial progress has been made towards the identification of genetic factors contributing to risk for NDDs. However, this research has also pointed out the high genetic heterogeneity in NDDs, with more than 1’000 genes estimated to contribute to the risk.

The classical target-based drug discovery approach, using genetic and behavior-focused endpoints, has failed to acknowledge this heterogeneity, which has resulted in repeated failure in clinical trials.

In contrast, STALICLA’s endophenotype-based drug discovery approach leverages existing and proprietary data to identify clinical signs and symptoms and biomarkers knowledge bases that are used to dissect this heterogeneous population into more homogeneous and clinically defined subgroups of patients then allowing for tailored treatments and quantifiable endpoints.

Therefore, STALICLA’s approach has a major potential to change the paradigm in the field of NDDs, with a first application to patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Efforts to categorize autism are still of critical importance and must rely on defining a relationship between clinical symptoms and biological mechanisms to improve the outcome of clinical trials. This is at the core of what STALICLA is doing, applying an endophenotyping approach to identify a better defined, biologically characterized subgroup of patients and to identify the best-tailored treatment.


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In portfolio: Q4 2021
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