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Voiseed’s technology can reproduce emotions and perfectly mimic the intonation and prosody of human speech, with any voice and in multiple languages, revolutionising the dubbing industry: a market worth over 10 billion dollars, currently characterised by long processing times, high production costs and significant operational complexity.

Voiseed is redefining the traditional approach to dubbing, which involves recording multilingual expressive content in studios and requires the allocation of many resources around the world. As result, many video games, TV series, documentaries and adverts are today only translated and subtitled and not dubbed, preventing many users from enjoying content in their own language.

The Milan-based start-up provides a cloud based solution primarily targeting the entertainment industry. “Voicing the Unvoiced” encompasses the audacious aim of giving a voice to unvoiced content using a solution that enables publishers, developers, and audio-visual studios to broaden their offerings.

The patented technology is based on an AI universal model and a proprietary emotional data-set, which allow customers to create all voice types and control any expressive style in most languages.


LIFTT Investment

In portfolio: Q1 2023
Venture phase: Seed

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