PrediSurge CEO Bruno Virieux takes the floor

2023-12-13T12:29:39+01:0012 December 2023|

Bruno Virieux, CEO PrediSurge What does PrediSurge do and how did the idea for the project come about? PrediSurge specialises in the development and commercialization of digital twins in the cardiovascular field. At the start of the project, a multidisciplinary research team was set up by the Saint

Test1 CEO Alessandro Taini takes the floor

2023-10-10T12:06:00+02:0010 October 2023|

Test1 CEO Alessandro Taini tells us about the genesis of his company: ‘The inventor of the technology developed by Test1,’ he recalls, ‘was Giuseppe Peroni, who worked at the Montedison chemical industry in Venice in the 1970s. The city’s mayor asked the company to develop a material to recover oil

The world is changing.
At the speed of light

2023-01-26T09:47:31+01:0012 October 2022|

Conversation with Giorgio Grasso, founding partner of Subphoton and one of the world’s leading experts in photonics: he has 60 international patents to his credit. “Subphoton opens up a world of great interest because everyone talks about the Internet, but no one thinks about the fact that this data travels

Aria Sensing: the invisible radar that ‘captures’ breath

2023-01-26T09:48:28+01:0025 July 2022|

“Aria Sensing’s goal is to design an innovative UWB radar integrated circuit for detecting people and objects by combining the best features of different existing technologies.”  A radar integrated in a chip capable of intercepting any human movement or presence, starting with breathing or heartbeat. A system of ‘Human Centric’

New investments: Specto Photonics

2023-03-09T17:31:06+01:007 March 2022|

Specto Photonics, the “deep tech startup” that revolutionizes diagnostics. “This startup can be a game-changer in diagnostics, in line with our mission: we want to identify, grow and bring to market companies that can be perceived as a watershed, to create a ‘before’ and an ‘after’.”LIFTT, together with the Progress

Interview with the CEO of Nicolò Petrone

2023-03-09T17:36:49+01:007 March 2022|

The startup’s team is international, composed of 32 people, 20 of which are based in Italy: leading it is CEO Nicolò Petrone together with co-founders Mohamed Younes (COO) and Alberto Marchetti (CMO).  Petrone is a young talent (born in 1993) with a solid background in corporate finance who already in

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