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At the speed of light

2023-01-26T09:47:31+02:0012 October 2022|

Conversation with Giorgio Grasso, founding partner of Subphoton and one of the world’s leading experts in photonics: he has 60 international patents to his credit. “Subphoton opens up a world of great interest because everyone talks about the Internet, but no one thinks about the fact that this data travels

Aria Sensing: the invisible radar that ‘captures’ breath

2023-01-26T09:48:28+02:0025 July 2022|

“Aria Sensing’s goal is to design an innovative UWB radar integrated circuit for detecting people and objects by combining the best features of different existing technologies.”  A radar integrated in a chip capable of intercepting any human movement or presence, starting with breathing or heartbeat. A system of ‘Human Centric’

New investments: Specto Photonics

2023-03-09T17:31:06+02:007 March 2022|

Specto Photonics, the “deep tech startup” that revolutionizes diagnostics. “This startup can be a game-changer in diagnostics, in line with our mission: we want to identify, grow and bring to market companies that can be perceived as a watershed, to create a ‘before’ and an ‘after’.”LIFTT, together with the Progress

Interview with the CEO of Nicolò Petrone

2023-03-09T17:36:49+02:007 March 2022|

The startup’s team is international, composed of 32 people, 20 of which are based in Italy: leading it is CEO Nicolò Petrone together with co-founders Mohamed Younes (COO) and Alberto Marchetti (CMO).  Petrone is a young talent (born in 1993) with a solid background in corporate finance who already in

ZENIT: the laser of the future from ceramics

2023-03-09T18:02:27+02:0018 January 2022|

“Our technology enables higher performance at lower costs.” We met with Laura Esposito, a researcher at the CNR and CEO of Zenit Smart Polycrystal, to go over with her the journey of this startup, which is setting up a perfect example of technology transfer, from the idea to the market,

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