Bruno Virieux, CEO PrediSurge

What does PrediSurge do and how did the idea for the project come about?

PrediSurge specialises in the development and commercialization of digital twins in the cardiovascular field. At the start of the project, a multidisciplinary research team was set up by the Saint Etienne University Hospital and the Ecole des Mines de Saint-Etienne, a world-leading biomechanics research institute. The three key players were Jean-Noël Albertini, a vascular surgeon, Stéphane Avril, a professor of biomechanics, and David Perrin, who was doing his PhD on the project behind the future PrediSurge. The team was motivated by the goal of applying digital simulation innovations, previously used in various industries such as automotive and aerospace, to the field of cardiovascular medicine. Based on the promising results of their joint efforts, they decided to create PrediSurge in May 2017. It took another two years to develop their first product, and by 2020 PrediSurge was on the market, selling and doubling its turnover every year. In 2022, I joined the company as CEO to lead a Series A fundraising, structure the new go-to-market strategy and obtain CE marking for the products.

What is your mission?

“Our mission is to improve the safety and efficiency of cardiovascular interventions. This mission is divided into two value propositions: PlanOp for Medtech and PlanOp for Physicians. The first is aimed specifically at the R&D departments of device manufacturers: we help them to develop new devices faster, smarter and more cost-effectively. PlanOp for Physicians, on the other hand, is dedicated to improving clinical routines by helping doctors plan surgical strategies and predict complications. The goal is to improve patient care, increase surgical efficiency and enhance the effectiveness of medical devices.

What does PlanOpᵀᴹ consist of and what are the strengths of the technology?

“The digital twin technology is based on several technological layers, with digital simulation as a key component. All layers are patented and highly technologically complex, which shields us from competition from new entrants. Our digital twin is more than just a computer vision tool; it not only accurately reproduces the biomechanical behavior of the patient’s organ, but is also able to predict the combined behavior of the organ and implanted devices. In addition, our technology incorporates advanced artificial intelligence algorithms designed to reduce complexity and improve patient outcomes. The main advantage lies in its rapid adaptability to every possible patient and device configuration, in perfect harmony with the principles of personalized medicine.

Who is your team made up of?

“Currently 22 people, each with unique global expertise in areas such as numerical simulation, artificial intelligence, biomechanics, 3D computing, cardiovascular practice and science, product marketing, communications, quality and regulatory, and business management. Beyond their expertise, our entire team is driven by a passion for innovation, a commitment to excellence and, last but not least, a deep sense of kindness.

What is the aim of the round?

“The Series A funding marks a pivotal moment for us, with three ambitious goals. First, it is a springboard for our bold commercial expansion in key markets in Europe and the US, laying the foundation for global impact. Second, it will drive the industrialization of our PlanOp platforms, transforming them into state-of-the-art solutions with advanced functionalities that redefine industry standards. Finally, it will strengthen our R&D, accelerating the creation of new, cutting-edge products and capabilities that will shape the future of our industry.

What are the next steps?

“On the commercial front, the immediate goal is to secure key distribution agreements with key players in the healthcare industry. Expansion in the US is key to the development of PrediSurge and the next important step is to obtain FDA approval by mid-June”.