Electra Vehicles, Inc. is an innovative company born in 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts, from a NASA project, and with presence in California and Japan. Electra has developed advanced battery control software, for any chemistry and format, based on artificial intelligence (AI) that increases battery life and safety.
From the start, the Electra team’s mission has been to develop artificial intelligence-based software to monitor, control and optimize battery packs for electric vehicles, including commercial fleets. Electra has called this control system an “intelligent mind for batteries”, EVE-Ai 360 ° Adaptive Controls.
EVE-Ai is an ideal AI-based proprietary algorithm that provides not only real-time and predictive analysis of data from energy systems, but is also designed to control and optimize the performance of that battery system in real time and continuously through a 360-degree adaptive controls with updates via Cloud connectivity.

Some examples of the EVE-Ai control capabilities are the extension of the mileage in km per single charge, the optimization of the charging time according to the SOH and the SOC of the battery, the extension of the useful life of the batteries, and many other capabilities. This technology is in direct communication with the ADAS systems (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems), now ubiquitous in all vehicles, increasing their performance, and is ideal for self-driving vehicles.
It is now clear and inevitable that the future will be electric. Electra imagines a world in which energy accumulators will be used more and more and in more sectors, reaching electrification on a global scale. For this reason, the company intends to remove some of the technological barriers of batteries in support of this transition to electric by exploiting artificial intelligence. Soon, you will find yourself in a world marked by ubiquitous electric transport, where electric vehicles will perform increasingly higher to meet the autonomy and charging expectations of owners and managers of commercial electric fleets, and Electra has of optimal solutions to answer this demand and contribute to a better and increasingly sustainable environment over time.


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In portfolio: Q2 2021
Venture phase: Start-up

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